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It's the beer talking

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    123: Hopsters

    We chat with Byron Lotz from Sydney-based co-operative brewery, Hopsters

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    122: Loons

    On the back of Tom and Adrian's recent trip to Belgium, we discuss the current state of the Belgian beer scene

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    121: Orange Juice & Lemonade

    Brad recently went back home to the UK and he reports back on what the beer scene is like these days

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    120: World Domination

    A bunch of us catch up to talk about various world domination projects in the beer industry

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    118: Yulli's Brews

    We visited Alexandria brewery Yulli's Brews

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    117: Stupid Sexy Flanders

    It's a tale of two sours as we explore Flanders Red and Oud Bruin for Style Roulette

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    116: Wild Predictions

    With the dust having settled on another Hottest 100 Beers poll, listen as we make some correct and some incorrect predictions in a session recorded before the release of the results

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    115: Capital Brewing Co.

    Liam caught up with the Capital Brewing Co. crew to talk about their beer and their ethos

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    114: Low-key Christmas

    It's a low-key Christmas episode this year, with Adrian and Liam recapping the year in beer

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